Welcome to the ‘Sanskaar Kids Kingdom’

Playway School

Sanskaar Kids Kingdom is one of the best playway schools in India. We expertise in providing early childhood education by experienced and trained teachers to your kid.

Day Care Center

Alongwith playway school Sanskaar Kids Kingdom provides day care facilities. Working parents feel sigh of relief after dropping their kids in a day care centre.

Why Sanskaar Kids Kingdom

We all dream of having cultured children. When they grow up, then they should have those ‘SANSKAARS’(value) that their lives are full of happiness, wealth and health.

We try to give our children the best possible support and comfort, even beyond our capabilities , by stretching ourselves. We find that these days student are lacking in having ‘SANSKAARIT EDUCATION’. Actually Education and Sanskaar are not separate entities , education itself means mental, physical, and overall growth . Where as sanskaar is a conversion Satvichar into satkarm.

why sanskaar kids kingdom

Our Seven Greats

Great Service

We render services different from generally provided services. The uniqueness in our services is the timing.

Great Service8

Great Kingdom

A kingdom where prince /princess (kid) rules on a specious geographical area having human beings (teacher guardians ,maid servants etc.) animal , birds , toys, swimming pool ,plants, flowers, toilets ,edibles of choice etc.

Great Kingdom6

Great Bhartiyata

We believe in “Vasudha Kutumbham”. Whole is our family, we have to respect and take care of our Mother nature.

Great Bhartiyata2

Great Education

We focus on inculcating Sanskaar and education without any stress on kid. The teachers play an important role in helping kids to learn on their own. Our pedagogy is different and well researched.

Great Education4

Great Care

The trained staff take utmost care of kids when one wants to eat, feel to urinate and playing in the room or field.

Great Care3

Great Food

Kids should get food of their choice at regular interval .The food though of kids choice still should have nutritious value necessary for their physical and mental development.

Great Food5

Great Atmoshphere

We keep the well decorated rooms clean and spotless and play music at a low volume.

Great Atmosphere1

What We Are

At Sanskaar Kids Kingdom, we have two mascots Sandy and Frandy, both are ambassadors and kid’s friend. They takes all the kids through the world of Fruits, Vegetables, Shapes, Colours, Animals, Birds, Flora and Fauna. Activities like painting, puppet-play, stories, cooking, computers and role play at Water Kingdom, Funtoons Kitchen and Toy House.


Animal Kingdom

The Animal, Birds, Fishes are kept at a definite place and that specific area is termed as Animal Kingdom.Pet animals like Sparrows, Rabbits, Dogs, Parrots, present here in Animal Kingdom. Proper care is taken regarding their safety hygiene and living conditions by the school.

Water Kingdom

Flexible, portable and permanent swimming pools filled with clean and purified water including attractive plastic rides, balls, colourful air tubes and fresh water shower to add thrill.

Forest Kingdom

Big lawn having fresh trees and lush green grass with swings and slids etc to complete refresh the soul, body and mind of kids.

Funtoons Kitchen

A well maintained kitchen to prepare refreshment and lunch for kids by our funtoons cook.
Funtoon cook serves snack+milk based food items after every 2 hours. Small lunch box is also required cooked by mother herself because mother knows best what her kids like to eat through we encourage children to share their snacks.
Saturday is the demand day kids get what they wish to eat.

Toy House

Colourfull, safe and non-toxic toys are kept accoding to the interest and usability of kids aged 15 months to 6years.

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