Q.1 What is Sanskaar Kids Kingdom?

Ans. We all Dream of having cultured children .When they grew up , then they should have those ‘Sanskaars’ (values), that their lives are full of happiness, wealth and health.

We try to give our children the best possible support and comfort, even beyond our capabilities, by stretching ourselves.

We find that these days students are lacking in having “Sanskritised Education”. Actually Education and Sanskaar are not separate entities Education itself means mental, physical and overall growth.

As per “Shastras”, “Sanskaar Kaal” (period) extends up to 6 years. During this period Sanskaar are indeed the most important. To fulfill this objective, Sanskaar Educational Consortium has been established.

They found that the technology was not used in Educationist, psychologist, thinkers and sociologists decided to perform an organization the best possible manner, therefore consortium’s endless effort resulted in the formation of Sanskaar Kids Kingdom on 5th July 2001 at Bareilly. It started with 02 children, but by year end only the school had gone from strength to strength with 50 children on its rolls.

Q.2 How is Sanskaar Kids Kingdom unique/different from other Nurseries and Kindergartens?

Ans. At Sanskaar Kids Kingdom, we have Sandy & frandy who is the mascot, an ambassador and is a kid’s friends. They takes the kids through the world of fruits, vegetables, shapes, colours, animals, birds, flora-n-fauna and good habits and helps a kid enjoy fun frolic activities like painting, puppet-play, stories, cooking, computers & role play at Water kingdom, Animal kingdom, Forest kingdom, Funtoon’s kitchen and Toy house.  We follow a play way method where there is no strain on the child. All activities are child oriented. We take into consideration of self pacing method. We have a thoroughly researched curriculum with every day activities, designed and planned. It’s a blend of Montessori. Gurukul , Kindergarten and play-way methodology.

Q.3 What is the age group that kingdom caters to?

Ans. One year to two and a half year-   Home caring segment,

Two and a half year to three years-       Pre-nursery,

Three and a half years to four years-     Nursery

Four and a half years to five years –       Kindergarten.

Q.4 For how many hours do the children come to school?

Ans. They attend school for minimum 4 hours.

Q.5 Are the kids served snacks in school?

Ans. Yes, we serve snack + milk or milk based food items after every 2 hours. Small lunch box is also required cooked by mother herself because a mother knows best what her child likes to eat though we encourage children to share their snacks.

Q.6  Do the children write?

Ans. Yes, We prepare them for writing. There are activities like sand play , Play doh and water play which prepare the child with pre-writing skills. The finer hand muscles develop and prepare the child to hold a pencil and crayons.

Q.7 Whether children sit on furniture?

Ans. Yes, Colourful furniture is specially designed for them to work on. All the furniture designed is low, easily reachable by kids.

Q.8 What kind of equipment do you provide ?

Ans. All the equipment is child safe , non toxic and friendly.

Q.9 What qualification do the teachers Sanskaar Kids Kingdom hold?

Ans. The teachers should be kids loving & early childhood care education trained or have Nursery Teacher-Training along with Sanskaar Poorna Vision .

Q.10 What Training does Sanskaar Educational Consortium give to the teachers?

Ans. At Sanskaar Kids Kingdom, we take qualified teachers but we train them to handle children,  psychologically, emotionally and pedagogically so they adapt to our International curriculum & Sanskaar Poorna Education.

Q.11 How does the child spend their time at Sanskaar Kids Kingdom?

Ans. Sanskaar Kids Kingdom have Water kingdom, Animal kingdom, Forest kingdom, Funtoon’s kitchen and Toy house. They start the day with free play where a child gets an option of choosing his toys and place. This prepares him for the concepts that are well designed keeping the child’s interest and pace in mind. Dance-Drama-music, art-craft, games, stories  and etiquettes are all part of his days experience at Sanskaar Kids Kingdom.





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