Ullas Utsav

Ullas Utsav is a big programme and it’s a big promotional event. Utsav will held in closed hall/auditorium with a seating capacity not less 500 . Ullas Utsav is an annual function .We celebrate Ullas Utsav on basis of theme eg. Birds ,Star, Moon, Sun ,Terror etc. Themes of the Utsavs are to set by


Q.1 What is Sanskaar Kids Kingdom? Ans. We all Dream of having cultured children .When they grew up , then they should have those ‘Sanskaars’ (values), that their lives are full of happiness, wealth and health. We try to give our children the best possible support and comfort, even beyon

 Vidya Vratam

In Vidya Vratam Kingdom celebrate “Vikram Samvat Pratipada (Hindu Nav Varsh”). This day one noble Brahmin comes to the Kingdom. He does Pooja and performs Vidya Arambh Sanskaar. During Pooja he performs a Havan. Every Kid gives Ahuti. Then Brahmin ties a knot of Raksh Sutram with the sankalp of