Braj Utsav















“Braj is a very well demarcated, Culturally is considered

to be the Land of Krishna and it is derived from Sanskrit

word…. Viraj, Krishna performed his numerous past times

popularly called his LEELAS in the 137 sacred forests, at

the 1000 kunds, on the numerous holy hills and on the bank

of river Yamuna, In Srimad Bhagwat Geeta, he himself says to his

Nandbaba that Braj is Culture of forests and hills and not

of city. Through his Leela’s, Krishna has emerged as the

first environmentalist of the world. By eating mud and

showing the universe in his mouth to mother Yashoda, he

symbolically purified the earth element. By Shining the Kalia

serpent, he emphasised on the purification of the water

element. By sucking the forest fire in Braj, he purified the

fire element and by killing Trinavrat and Vyomasur he

symbolically purified the air and space elements

respectively. If Bhagwat Geeta can be summarized in are in one

word as “Niskaam Karmayoga” Braj can be summarized in

one word as “Simplification of Divine. On the ausupicious

occasion of Janmasthmi Sanskaar Parivaar is organizing Braj

Utsav. To make aware our kingdom’s kids about our culture and heritage.

Through this program  we want to develop sense of

responsibility in each kid to respect and carry out our

culture through their life. Kingdom’s all kids are

participating in this cultural Braj Utsav. This will boost up

their confidence and develop interest in our history.



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