Dear Parents,

It is a matter of great pleasure to get an opportunity to interact with you. This is a humble beginning to make a second home for your child. Today, the western culture has a great impact on our lives, but our Bhartiya culture and values should never be ignored. The parents are busy to meet the imminent challenges of the society and find little time to concentrate on their children. It is also a fact that half of the child’s intelligence is formed during the first few years of his life. Our endeavor is to introduce the to child to the joys of learning in a harmonious and eco-friendly environment and emphasize on the all round development of the child through age-appropriate learning activities.

We stand committed to give our nursery school a few dimension to inculcate sanskaar in the nascent mind of the children and make them rise on the strong foundation achieve greater success in life.

Alok Prakash

Chief Custodian

Sanskaar Kids Kingdom:- 134,Jankpuri Rajendra Nagar, Bareilly

A Chain of Playway School & Day-Care-Center

Mobile Number:-9997993471, 9412288361