Matra Devo Bhava

Why we forget  the holding  of those fingers who made us to learn how to move . How we started feeling odd the thrilling of those hand who took care of the childhood .Our mentality has become so mean that we started feeling living old as burden and after their demise we remember them in the from of SHRADH.

Perhaps our love is not in the form of show off. We have 81 million old people in India. Out of them around 40% are disrespected and helpless to hear abuses, taunt by their children. In-spite of all that the young blood boils and leave their old & helpless to parents in the old age home ,we are helpless to help those parents on becoming old who looked after us right form our birth till settlement in life .Parents nourish their four children whereas children feels parents as burden.

We don’t condemn or criticise shradh but we suggest that take care of parents when they are alive give  full respect to them. If your parents are  not alive you may adopt childless parents  Matra Devo Bhava , Pitra Devo Bhava is a campaign to spread this concept that every mother and father live replicable of are Godess & God.


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