KIDS who are our future are going through a tremendous pressure in this competitive world. Burdened by their tough academic of their childhood.

Looking for an escape form the summer heatbreak form a school life?? Get  refreshed and brighten up your skills during your summer holidays….

Summer  Camp provide an enthusiastic atmosphere to develop self confidence and self-esteem . Campers enjoys socilalization with other members in the team and form new friendships. Summer camp activities include adventurous and creative sessions.


AS SWEET MEMORIES , we want every child to have never before experience of love , excitement and fun; which we want them to carry in their heart and minds for years to come ………..

The objective of our summer camp is to prefer an opportunity for our kids to grow , Creative endeavors expose campers to latent skills and exercise their imaginations .Craft programs including Pottery ,Painting Collage, etc.

As we are experienced in camping we are able to provide a high quality of programming and supervision.

Sanskaar Summer Camp is been conducting various workshops which helps to bring out the hidden talents amongst kids and help them to develop interpersonal relationships with their parents, friends and other members of the society.

Our camp provides the ideal place for younger children to explore and enjoy new sports and activites with making new friends and having fun in safe surroundings.

GROUPS: a). Sandy ‘n’ Frandy Juniors-2-7 years.

           b).  Sandy ‘n’ Frandy Seniors -8-14 years.

W.W.W.- Women for Women Workshop

This summer is too hot and skin burning.Every institution study in organizing moneymaking kids summer . While the Mothers , Aunties , Senior Sisters are feeling bore ,no other camper is ready  to see and speak for them . Where as Sanskaar educational consortium is now organizing a W.W.W. to break this ICE. We are organizing a workshop as apart of our movement to inculcate Sanskaar in modern generations.

As mother plays an important role in life of a family. A mother should be dynamic  so she can perform different role .She can be a teacher , friend ,guide ,working partner , entertainer etc. Along with her MOTHERLY AFFECTION . Thus mother should be every for-signed , knowledge  , modern and practical for all round development of kids ,women must be steering.

We organizes a workshop on cookery, mehendi , paintings, pot making ,flower making , personal grooming tips and home management. The philosophy of workshop is LEARNING BY DOING . Thus proper importance is  given to both practical and theory classes. So Next Time please come out of your shell and join exhilarating workshop ,Cool environment with all essential and eminent expert faculties of reputed organization……..




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