In Vidya Vratam Kingdom celebrate “Vikram Samvat Pratipada (Hindu Nav Varsh”). This day one noble Brahmin comes to the Kingdom. He does Pooja and performs Vidya Arambh Sanskaar. During Pooja he performs a Havan. Every Kid gives Ahuti. Then Brahmin ties a knot of Raksh Sutram with the sankalp of that Kid will take their education whole of their life and they will use their education for the benefit of society. After this they write with the chalk on their slates. Teacher Guardian helps them. This is a hand hold hand writing. Whole of the Sanskaar family including Teacher-Guardian and auxiliary staff takes a sankalp (oath) that they will also give their best to each and every kid irrespective to their caste, creed & religion. Then prasad of misri & gola distributes among the Kids, parents & whole of our Sanskaar family.Sometimes Kingdom distribute fruits also.

During Vidya Vratam following responsibility to be shared by the Teacher-Guardian as well as Vidya Vratam Coordinator:-

(1) Welcome

(2) Seating

(3) Water Disposingvidya virtam

(4)-a. Invitation Cards Printing

(4)-b. Invitation cards Distribution

(5) Arrangement of Poojan Material

(6) Tentage & Sound Arrangement

(7) Kids Refreshment & Kids Care

(8) Press Release

(9) Display of study material

(10) Prasad Distribution